Suck It Up Fitness Athlete: SheHulk

Suck It Up Fitness Athlete: SheHulk

photo 2Name: Tyra “She-Hulk” Renaud

Age: 29

Location: Pueblo Colorado

Goal:  Compete in a Bodybuilding Competition

Occupation:  Student


Twitter: @PlatinumIce85









My story is not unlike many that you will hear, I grew up in a very small Colorado town, Leadville, until I was 12 years old and I remember being overweight back then. In fact I remember being overweight my whole life but at that point I don’t remember life being all that bad. At 12 years old my family moved 50 miles away to the still small town of Salida Colorado and that is where I went to high school and graduated from. I hated High School, for most of it I was overweight and didn’t fit in. When I was 17 years old I became the youngest at the time to undergo a gastric bypass surgery and it nearly killed me. But a year later I didn’t care I was almost 100lbs lighter (I started at over 400lbs) and I had a date to the prom so the surgery was worth it.  Fast forward ten years and it wasn’t worth it, my health was messed up and I had put some of the weight back on. I had to “Suck It Up” and do it the old fashion way, the right way, through eating better and going to the gym. My life was slowly getting better, I was losing weight, becoming healthier but then I faced a life changing event. At 20years old I was involved in a major car accident in which the vehicle I was in rolled 9 times at 113mph. The jaws of life were used to get me and the driver out of the vehicle and upon being removed from the vehicle I had lost feeling and use of most of my body. After all was said and done, my ribs were broke, both ankles were broke, both knees and shoulders would most likely need surgery in the years to come, damage was done to my neck and spine as well as my brain. I was told I would never regain full use of my left leg. I spent the next few years in a bottle of pain meds, until my 23rd birthday when my mom bought me my first bodybuilding magazine; from there my life was changed. I made a goal for myself, that one day I would compete, no matter how long it took me, I would be on a stage someday. Sadly I have had to undergo a knee and shoulder surgery right as I was getting my fitness on track but I chose each time to “Suck It Up” and move forward. Now a year past my shoulder surgery, two years past my knee surgery I am 99% back to normal the other 1% is always a work in progress.  I have lost over 100lbs once again and plan to compete. I’m currently a white belt in karate and a term away from receiving my BA degree in criminal justice. With the belief of SUCK IT UP FITNESS as well as the love and support of my family life stands to only get better.


— SheHulk


Here are some of Tyra’s transformation pictures

photo 1




























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