Workout: Resistance Band Total Body Routine


No time to hit the gym with the kids schedule, work schedule and everything in between that we call LIFE?  No problem.  Download this FREE at home resistance band total body workout designed by fitness trainer, Jenn DeBeers.  She designed this workout with her busy moms and traveling clients in mind.


Suck It Up Fitness Resistance Band Total Body Workout

Resistance bands are a portable piece of equipment and may be even more effective than a set of dumbbells, because it improves strength and balance. Plus, you work in a full range of motion, so it targets muscles that you can miss with weights.  I designed this workout, mostly because I was inspired by my best friend, Dee, who is a mom of a 6 year old and a 4 month old.  We used to workout every day back in college.  She is a single mom, a manager of a property and by the time she gets off work, gets the kids, feeds them it’s after 8 pm.  She is trying to get rid of the last bit of baby weight, but on days that she has the kids she can’t make it to the gym (especially since the youngest can’t go to the daycare at the gym until he is 6 months old).  She is not my only client who had this problem.  I used to let my client Josie, Danielle and Heather all bring their little ones to the studio while they worked out because traditional gyms wouldn’t let them bring the babies.  I know not everyone can afford a trainer who has their own studio that can allow children, and hence I created the band workout!

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