Diet and Math, Yes They Do Go Together

Diet and Math, Yes They Do Go Together

Why Are You Not Losing Weight


How do you lose fat?  There is no magic pill, or magic program that someone has been keeping from you.  It is basic math, subtraction to be exact.  It is all about calories.

Do you try every fad diet when it hits the news stands?  Are you a yo-yo dieter?  Do you lose fat weight and then slowly regain it back and then some?  Welcome to the majority of America.  Quit complicating it!  It is really that simple, cutting calories.  Basic science burn more than you intake but until you accept the fact that creating a caloric deficit is the most important rule of fat loss, you’ll struggle.

Energy in – energy out = change in body weight (mass) this is how body weight is regulated, yes even in humans.

If energy in is the same amount of energy out then your weight stays the same.  If energy in is higher than energy out then your weight increases.  So when the energy in is LESS than the energy out then your weight DECREASES.  Your energy comes from food and food energy is express in Kcal or as more commonly known as calories.  When you eat excess (more energy) your body stores it, mostly in fat cells thus gaining weight.  You will NEVER lose weight until you create a caloric deficit  either by eating less or expending more energy (exercise).

When you start consuming less food and create a caloric deficit you body is now breaking down your tissue to use as energy.  Your body wants to use fat as it’s source of energy, it gets more energy per fat molecule than any other energy source.  Without getting to technical, yes your body can breakdown muscle tissue as well and this is where eating a well balanced diet of good fats, lean proteins and whole grains comes into play.

Why didn’t you lose weight on your last diet?  YOU DID NOT CREATE AND MAINTAIN A CALORIC DEFICIT

We all tend to complicate everything, I learned a saying awhile ago that I try to live by, “Keep it simple stupid”

You can get your metabolism tested to find out your basal metabolic rate, but honestly there is a calculation that anyone who has taken an upper level nutrition class can do for you.  I offer this service on my shop page.  What people tend to do when they are dieting is that when they start losing weight they do not adjust their energy intake.  You weigh less and therefore need to eat less!  Remember you always want to create a caloric deficit.  No it is not you need to eat more because you have increased your muscle mass, let’s me honest you are probably not training for a body building competition, cross fit games, or iron man competition, if you are then you need to get with a coach to discuss your diet and exercise program.  You are most likely an average person who is trying to lose weight.


Some Math


1 lb is 3500 calories

If you create a 500 calorie deficit a day, you will lose 1 lb a week

3500/7 = 500 cal





You either need to consume less or burn more.  The average person can burn 500 calories in about 60 minutes of MODERATE exercise.

Remember this no caloric deficit equals no fat loss


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