Brand Athlete Justin Porter

Brand Athlete Justin Porter

Justin Porter

Meet Brand Athlete Justin Porter.  Justin lives in Peoria, IL.  Fitness has not always been part of his life, but in recent years he has found it to be therapeutic and an outlet.  Justin’s goal was to bulk to his current weight at 250 lbs.  He is planning to start a cut in January of 2017 to get down to 215 lbs.


I’ve faced many trials through life. Many have had me at my worst for long times and others were nothing. I’m only the man I am today because of the strength god has given me. After my father was murdered in 2012 the hardest thing for me to do was accept it. Something about letting go and moving on. I wont say it was easy to “Suck It Up” but what I think about now is what if I didn’t. What if I stayed drowning in sorrow? Sometimes things happen that we can control and other things we can’t. Shortly after his passing my first child was born. Looking into his eyes and seeing the life I had created gave me purpose all over again. I eventually found myself working out with a friend and it started out to just pass time. It was something to just help me not think. The heavier the weight, the harder the struggle. I found my workouts going from once or twice a week to 4-5 times a week for 2 hours a day. The gym in my eyes saved me. People ask all the time why do I workout and my response is “Why don’t you?”. Losing doesn’t mean you’ve actually lost, it means you find another road to get there. The days where I have to crawl out of bed are the best. I am constantly looking for that same drive, that same passion burning in someone’s eyes. Not because they want to workout but because they need to, because if they don’t they may lose themselves. Keven “Da Hulk” Washington said “the most selfish thing you could do is cheat the growth of yourself”. I couldn’t agree anymore, when I’m at my low I SUCK IT UP!

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