Brand Athlete: Jerry Pascucci

Brand Athlete: Jerry Pascucci

Meet Suck It Up Fitness Brand Athlete:  Jerry Pascucci

My life can be defined as a constant roller-coaster, filled with many trials and tribulations. During my sophomore year of high school, I was struck in the eye by a slingshot-like-projectile, which resulted in me becoming blind in my left eye. Doctors tried three separate times to repair the damaged eye; however, none of the surgeries were successful. I was an aspiring collegiate level baseball player. My “Suck It Up” moment was when I decided that I was going to continue to play, no matter what life threw at me. I began my sophomore year season playing at an all-time career best, landing myself many collegiate baseball offers. Later that season, I tore my Ulnar Collateral Ligament in my throwing arm, which required reconstructive surgery. I once again returned to play, 9-months following that injury, with all of the offers withdrawn. However, once again, I stuck to my guns and got back on the field. I finally landed an offer and went to play collegiate baseball. However, during my first college practice, I tore my labrum and biceps tendon in my throwing shoulder, which ended my baseball career. From there, fitness began to consume my life. It was my only outlet to release the built up tension and anger from what consumed much of my life- injury. My mother introduced me to competitive bodybuilding. She was one of my biggest inspirations to attempt to get on stage. I’m now in prep for my first Men’s Physique show, which will take place October 7th, 2017. Further, I am a personal trainer at Retro Fitness of Bethlehem, PA and love to help others build healthier lifestyles for themselves.

My “Suck It Up” mentality resonates with every single time I open my eyes. I live with no regrets about my previous baseball career, but life with nothing but motivation and determination to build a better version of myself daily. Suck It Up, shoot for the stars, and DO NOT STOP until you bust down every goal you set for yourself.

— Jerry


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