About Us

We get a lot of questions about our name, where did it come from, are we a boxing gym, etc.  Here’s our story.

I (Jenn) was an aerobics instructor through college, my biggest passion was teaching SPIN and RPM classes. For those of you that do not know what SPIN or RPM are, it is an indoor cycling class that kicks your booty! I was known for my killer classes, taking no mercy and telling my classes to “SUCK IT UP’ when they started complaining. It became my tag line so much that my regulars got me a shirt that said “SUCK IT UP” on it.

I decided to go out on my own as a trainer and needed a name for my business.  One of my clients/regular RPM attendees said, “Why not SUCK IT UP?  That’s your tag line, you say it all the time.” The wheels started turning and I started to really like the idea of it, SUCK IT UP FITNESS.  It sounded hardcore and edgy, which is exactly what I wanted for my fitness company.

Our logos was developed from my own personal experience of overcoming. I have dealt with a lot of injuries through the years, especially my shoulder. I have “Lax Ligament Syndrome” where my ligaments are more flexible than most and get overstretched and then start causing dislocations. This happened with my shoulder. It would literally dislocate several times a day.  I took on my own motto of “SUCK IT UP” with my injury. After three surgeries over four years, we finally got it fixed and on the mend.  At this time I was trying to come up with an idea for a logo. I really enjoyed teaching kick boxing and hitting bags. The idea of having two gloves, slightly beat up, hanging from a string came to me in a dream. To see boxing gloves in your dream represents a difficult or even violent situation in which you are trying your best to succeed or overcome and meant that I was getting a handle on the problems I was facing.  It seemed perfect! It meant overcoming and being triumphant, and here we are – SUCK IT UP FITNESS.

I want SUCK IT UP FITNESS to represent a rawness, an overcoming, grin and bear it, and get through it attitude.  It is a lifestyle. We have all had those moments where we need to decide to quit or “SUCK IT UP” and get through it. That is what SUCK IT UP FITNESS is all about, not just for the elite athletes but those of us who are trying to get healthy and fit, those of us who are trying to better our lives one workout at a time.  This is what SUCK IT UP FITNESS is.

Break the Silence:

Read about Jenn’s struggle and overcoming abuse and her commitment to Anti Abuse / Anti Bullying Awareness.
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